Emerging Trends to Minimize the Post Harvest
Decay of Perishable Fruits
Department of Botany, Dev Samaj College for Women, Ferozepur, Punjab, India
*Address for Correspondence: Dr. Geetanjli, Asst. Professor, Department of Botany, Dev Samaj College, Ferozepur,
Punjab, India
ABSTRACT- Fruits and vegetables are mainly consumed for their nutritive value. India ranks high in the world in
production of these commodities. But, a major part of the yield is lost due to a number of factors. Post harvest decay due
to attack by a variety of pathogen is one of the main reason responsible for such losses. Most of the fruits and vegetable
are prone to attack by post harvest pathogens. But, perishable fruits are at maximum risk due high moisture content
present in them. Various control measures have been practiced against the fungal pathogens. Tradionally used methods
like irradiation, use of chemical fungicides etc. have certain environmental and health hazards associated with them.
Recent trends are shifting towards safe and consumer friendly strategies to control the post harvest decay of perishable
fruits. Presently, trends are focusing on enhancement of the shelf life of perishables along with the minimization of the
losses in quantitative as well as qualitative terms. In the recent past, a metamorphic change in the post harvest
management scenario has been observed. Emerging trends are aimed at use of biological control measures to combat the
post harvest losses.
Key-words- Post harvest decay, Perishables, Fungal pathogens, Biological control, Post harvest management, Emerging

trends, Consumer friendly strategies


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