Int. J. Life. Sci. Scienti. Res., 3(6): 1424-1432, November 2017

Review on Beetles (Coleopteran): An Agricultural Major Crop Pests of the World
 Dr. S. S. Patole*
Associate Professor, Department of Zoology V.V. M’s S. G. Patil ASC College, Dhule (M.S.), India

Address for Correspondence: Dr. S. S. Patole, Associate Professor, Department of Zoology, V.V. M’s S. G. Patil ASC College, Sakri Dist- Dhule (M.S.)- 424304, India

ABSTRACT- The present review deals on major Coleopteran beetles of agricultural crop pests include 45 genera and 55 species from 15 families. Most of beetles are pest of cereals and millets (3), oil seed crops (2), fibre crops (4), vegetables (11), temperate fruits (7), sub-tropical and tropical fruits (9), ornamental plants (2), plantation crop (8), spices (4) and stored grains (5). Among families; Curculionidae was dominated by 12 (21.8 %) species followed by Chrysomelidae 10(18.18 %), Cerambycidae 9(16.3 %), Scarabaeridae 6(10.9 %), Coccinellidae 3(5.4 %), Apionidae, Bostrychidae, Brachidae, Buprestidae and Scolytidae each with two species (3.6 %). Whereas families like Dermestidae, Lamiidae, Meloidae, Melonithidae and Tenebrionidae contribute each with single species (1.8 %).
Key-words- Coleopteran beetle, Cereals, Spices, Stored grains, temperate fruits


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