Butterfly Diversity in Agroecosystem of Arjuni/Morgaon Taluka, Gondia, Maharashtra, India

ABSTRACT- Butterflies are the important pollinating agent for wild and crop plants. Despite of its global significance, studies of butterfly diversity during monsoon and post-monsoon season in agroecosystem of Arjuni/Morgaon taluka of Maharashtra have not been recently undertaken. Survey was carried out on butterflies of agricultural field during monsoon and post-monsoon season, Arjuni/Morgaon, Maharashtra, India because it is now clear that in and around agricultural fields particularly paddy field are unique ecosystems that provide some butterflies to complete their life span. Total 44 species of butterflies were recorded belonging to 32 genera and 5 families. Nymphalidae family is consisting of maximum number of genera and species and only three species recorded from family Papilionidae. Maximum species richness reported from July to November month. The present study will encourage the conservation of a wide range of indigenous butterfly species in an area.
Key-words- Butterfly, Diversity, Fauna, Agricultural field, Monsoon, Post monsoon


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Int. J. Life. Sci. Scienti. Res., 3(6): 1424-1432, November 2017